Exterior home inspectionExterior Surfaces: 

The exterior or the envelope of your home is the barrier to the elements such as rain and wind. We will from ground level evaluate the trim and siding details both visually and with random probing as not to damage any surfaces.

We will report on the overall materials, methods and workmanship of the siding and trim. This report will include the conditions of the materials and finishes, including any maintenance that may need to be performed. This is an area we like to educate you about the importance of maintenance to ensure the materials service their intended life and to prevent air and moisture instruction into the homes primary structure.

Some common materials used in the Mid-Atlantic area include wood, composites, vinyl aluminum, stucco and cement board.

We will also evaluate accessible windows and doors for overall condition and function.

EIFS is also another common material wish is synthetic stucco that has a history of water infiltration and damage. Call us if you need to schedule an EIFS evaluation by a specialist. We will report on the presence and some visual concerns, our EIFS specialist will perform invasive probing into the substrate to determine the condition.


Also See the Maryland Home Inspection Standards