Foundation InspectionThe Foundation: 

The foundation is one of the most important components of the home. The materials used will greatly vary depending on the location and age. In the Mid-Atlantic area we have a wide range of foundation materials the most common being masonry block and poured concrete. However we also have homes built on concrete piers, wood piers, wood foundations, terracotta, stone and brick.

Water is the main cause of foundation failure followed by soil conditions and workmanship. What we report on is the exposed foundation and any signs of cracking, settlement or moisture such as efflorescence. Many times the foundation is not accessible due to wall and floor coverings.

There are various conditions which may be typical of common such as thermal expansion cracks and other cracks such as hydrostatic, rotation or differential cracks which are more of a structural concern that may require action. We will report on all visible aspects of the foundation which in some cases is to create a baseline for monitoring the condition.

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