Structural InspectionThe Structure: 

The structure is the backbone of the home. The materials used will greatly vary depending on the location and age. Older or historic homes may be built using balloon framing or masonry structures with wood floor and roof structures. Newer homes are typically built using platform framing which can be built on site, built off site and erected using panelized walls or modular systems.

The materials can also vary such as the materials used to frame your home. These can include traditional dimensional lumber such as 2x6’s and 2x10’s to engineered materials such a laminated beams, solid web framing materials (I-Joists) and open web or floor and roof trusses. These all require specific installation methods and each has common concerns with improper use or installation.

Water is the main cause of structural failure, common compression and settlement followed by substandard workmanship or renovations. What we report on is the exposed sections of the framing which many times is limited to the framing in the lower levels and attic. Many times the framing is not accessible due to wall, ceiling and floor coverings.

We recommend that you also obtain a separate inspection for termite and other wood boring insects. We may report on evidence however the licensed termite company will also report on any activity around the exterior and soil immediate to the house.

We recommend that you maintain an annual termite policy from a reputable termite company.

Also See the Maryland Home Inspection Standards