chimney inspectionThe Chimney and Fireplace: 

Many houses in the Maryland area have a wood burning fireplace which includes a chimney. When accessible we will evaluate the overall condition of the chimney, crown and firebox. There are 2 basic types of systems, manufactured and masonry.  We will report on the overall condition of the firebox including any water related damage.

We will evaluate the flue damper and when possible the smoke chamber and presence of a flue liner. However many flue liners are not fully accessible and may require cleaning and a bore scope dropped down inside of the flue for a complete elevation. You relator can help make arrangements with a chimney specialist in your area. Flue liners are typically excluded from most home inspections due to the lack of access and specialty equipment required.

You should have you fireplace weather wood or gas serviced annually. We do not inspect on the condition of pellet stoves or wood stoves. If you have an insert we recommend it is thoroughly cleaned and evaluated prior to closing.

Also See the Maryland Home Inspection Standards