Gas-furnace inspectionThe HVAC System: 

In the Maryland area we have several types of heating systems both electrical and fuel burning. There are also many styles of heat delivery such as forced air, hydronic (hot water, steam, forced air) and radiant. Each of these has their own nuances. Forced air can be typical ducting, there are mini ducts and even ductless package systems. With hydronic the heat delivery can be with radiators, baseboard heat, and radiant and even forced air systems.

Some of the common systems we inspect are:

•Heat Pumps

•Electrical furnaces


•Oil furnaces and boilers

•Gas & Propane furnaces and boilers

When inspecting these various heating systems  there are many factors we look for from proper temperature differentials, flame color, heat exchangers (when accessible) and the overall condition, accessibility and installation.

We will discuss with you typical maintenance requirements for your particular system right down to how to properly change your filter…if your unit has one.

When testing the air condition systems we check the heat differential referred to as the delta-t, look at the overall condition and for proper condensate drain termination.

We evaluate the bower and coils when readily accessible, these are areas commonly neglected which can drastically affect the performance of the system.

Also See the Maryland Home Inspection Standards