Plumbing inspectionThe Plumbing System: 

When evaluating your plumbing system we inspect  the water supply and distribution system for functional flow. This means you have an unrestricted flow of water to the fixtures and the overall condition of the water pressure. We will also identify the materials and the overall quality of the workmanship used.

We will report on the presence of systems with known failures such as polybutylene and educate you about the consequences and solutions. With your water heater we will identify the style and heating source and report on the age and overall condition.

With regards to your waste system we will report on the overall drainage at the time of the inspection and report on the condition and materials of any visible leaks or concerns.

You may want to inquire about a separate water quality test especially if you are on well water. We also offer radon in water testing using an Eperm system. 

Also See the Maryland Home Inspection Standards