Interior building inspectionInterior Survey:

We will perform a room by room evaluation and report on the over condition of the rooms and components. We will also identify the generals materials used in the rooms such as the floor, wall and ceiling coverings. We will report on any visible water stains, settlement or cracking that were visible on the day of the inspection. Lighting and the condition of the daylight can affect the visibility.

The interior survey of the rooms will also cover the bathrooms and the kitchen. We will operate all plumbing fixtures and report on any visible water leaks or water related damage. Using state of the art moisture meters we can report on the presence of any active leaks performing a limited representative sampling of high risk or suspect locations.

We will test all accessible receptacles for proper polarity including verification of the presence and condition of any GFCI receptacle where required. We may report on the presence of or lack thereof any HVAC in the perimeter rooms.


Also See the Maryland Home Inspection Standards