FAQ and Getting the Most Out of Your Home Inspection

Questions to Ask Your Inspector

  • How Long have you been performing home inspections?.....SPC over 25 years
  • How many home inspections have you performed?.....SPC Over 8000
  • Are you licensed in Maryland?....SPC, Yes #29634
  • Are you a member of a national home inspection organization?....Yes ASHI ACI and NAH CRI and we have obtained full membership in both
  • Do you have any training experience?....SPC, Yes, we have educated hundreds of realtors and home inspectors for over 25 years.
  • Can the client accompany the inspector during the inspection?...SPC, Yes in fact we encourage it.
  • What type of inspection report do you provide?....SPC, A computer generated report with lots of photos and maintenance tips.
  • When do we receive our inspection report?...SPC, typically the same day in the evening of the inspection, once we are finished onsite we spend quite a bit of time on the report in the evening.
  • Can we follow up with calls and questions? ..SPC, Yes we encourage it.
  • Should I (the client) bring anything? ...SPC, Yes, feel free to bring a flashlight and notepad.
  • Do you have any conflict with inspecting this home?...SPC, Good Question, please ask us
  • Is a home inspection a warranty?,..SPC, No, however there are third party warranties available.
  • How long does the inspection take? ...SPC, It varies depending on the age of the house, condtion and questions, usually about 1000sq' per hour.
  • Do you get on the roof? ...SPC, I attempt to get on any roof that my ladder can reach. Factor such as weather, slope and condition of the roof covering can greatly affect roof access.