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Read what some of Our Clients have said about Our Home Inspection Services:

Once again you have proven to be the BEST in the business...
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and caring with my clients and with me.
Best Regards,
Ellen Berger
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

"I was not at the inspection, but my husband found Steve to be incredibly professional, organized, detail-oriented, and thorough. Additionally, he took his time to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it."
Ned Southworth
on Square

"Steve is hands-down, the most professional and thorough home inspector we've had the pleasure to work with. We've moved several times in the last 15 years and have also hired inspectors to look at rental properties. Steve is heads and shoulders above the pack. He spent the greater part of 3 1/2 hours walking the property, crawling the crawl and explaining those things he saw which needed attention, as well as those things that he saw as building strengths. He made recommendations on "to code" repairs, but also other things which could/should be done to address deficiencies/property risk. I greatly appreciated his frequent questions, checking for our understanding on his commentary. While he pointed out several items which could be updated or were at risk, he spent considerable time discussing a couple of big watchouts and was emphatic about explaining the short and long term risk to us as home buyers should we proceed without repairs/remediation. He finished the inspection with a drone flyover of the roof/chimney to better see areas where he was unable to walk due to steep pitch. That was a first for me! Finally, his report arrived the same evening...detailed, full of pictures and documentation. Top notch service! Highly recommended."
Robert McCann
Stevensville, MD 21666
on Zillow

Rating: 10

Comments: "I would highly recommend Steve Showalter for any home inspection, whether you are a first time homebuyer or have bought many homes. Steve inspected our first and second homes; he walks through the entire house making notes and taking photos, all the while pointing out things for us to make note of and making recommendations for once we move in. He explains everything so clearly; he also moves through the inspection very quickly, but I know he is doing a very thorough job and knows exactly what he's doing. As a first time homebuyer, we had so many questions and Steve couldn't have been more patient or more thorough in his answers. After the inspection, he sends an extremely detailed report with pictures and extensive notes; noting things that need repair immediately, things that need to be monitored, and things that are good about the house. We really can't say enough good things about Steve and the job that he does. A true professional and pleasure to interact with."
Melissa Johnson

Steve -
Thank you very much. Appreciate the hard work and your expertise.
Scott Bell

Steven was recommended by our broker and had inspected a house that a daughter bought a few years ago. His report pointed out repairs , etc. that both she and we were able to satisfactorily negotiate with the sellers. Saving us hundreds, if not a few thousand dollars. He was also a wealth of potential local resources/services which we will explore since we are new to the area. Thank you Steve
Charles Haynes

Thank you for conducting the home inspection and radon testing in preparation for a home purchase.  I want to thank you for the exceptional service provided.   I found you to be very personable and professionalism.  Your frankness and in depth knowledge put me at ease as you inspected the house. It's nice to see a professional at work!  Enjoy your weekend!
Rommel D. Simpson
"A Satisfied customer"

"Steve is the most honest and knowledgeable home inspector possible."
Jackie Daley, Jackie Daley Realty

"Stephen was extremely through and provided a detailed home inspection report. He answered my numerous questions on-site during the inspection as well as follow-up emails and texts. "
Redfin Client

Timeliness, Customer Service, Quality
“Very informative. Gave piece of mind on buying new house.”
Diane Spake

"We used Stephen for a prior home inspection and really liked how thorough and professional he was. We would definitely recommend him."
Redfin Client


Thanks Steve for the thorough inspection and detailed report. Will definitely recommend in the future.
Gino and Marisa Gino DosSantos

"Stephen is very thorough and professional, We used Stephen for a prior home inspection and really liked how thorough and professional he was. We would definitely recommend him."
Lisa Olig

“Steve is absolutely fantastic. Professional, explains the details, makes recommendations and is a wealth of knowledge. I would recommend him highly.”
Diane Langhorn

"All around top-notch. Very thorough, honest, and professional. So pleased with his expertise."
Brian Fisher

"Thanks Steve. Another job well done. I'll never use another inspector again. Have a great weekend."
Shawn Goldfaden

"Steve was awesome. He did an extremely thorough job and thoroughly explained everything. His report was also very detailed and easy to read. It even included color coding to remind us of what were the most important issues and had numbering to help us identify to the sellers which items we wanted them to fix." Kate Thorn

"Thank you very, very much for your extreme thoroughness regarding our inspection. I would highly recommend you to anyone considering buying a house."
Sincerely, Melissa & John Hampson

1/20/2015 From Zillow
"Steve is knowledgeable, prompt and professional. As a home buyer, he discovered and explained to us things that were not disclosed by the seller. He is one of the best at what he does, explaining to you exactly what you are purchasing- the good with the bad. You can be confident that Steve will be honest, fair and educational whether you are buying or selling. We are using him again in a few days for another home. I wouldn't think of anyone else.."
Ralph Hurley

""Thank you so much for the great job you did. We both appreciate it very much."
Michelle Hurley

"Thanks Steve,
Your inspection was very informative, we look forward to the report and feel like we have a good understanding of the house situation now.  Thanks again".
Eduardo Rodela
Marisa Grotte

"We appreciate your time, effort and expertise.  We will recommend you to everyone we know. "
Thank you!"
Zack and Claire.

"Hello Steve,
Thank you very much.  This is most helpful and informative.  I’ll refer to this often and get these repairs made in a timely manner.
Barbara Nuss

"Thanks, and thank you again for your thorough inspection!?"
Matthew Tracey

"Steve,Wow, that report is impressive! The illustrations along with your report is extremely helpful. Thanks for answering all my questions."
Andy Crowder

Thank you so much for a very thorough and informative inspection today.   I appreciated your time and explanation of everything we saw.  It was definitely what I needed to know to help make my decision.
Lear Kaufman"

Thank you for your very detailed report and the information you shared with me during the inspection process.  I feel very comfortable that with Jenn’s help, I can move forward and negotiate an educated purchase.
Teri Leisersohn"

"Hello Steve,
I'd like to thank you for the excellent inspection and report that you provided.  I have purchased six homes over the years, all were inspected, and your inspection is the only one that was worth a damn!  I now have a good insight in to the work ahead of me on the house.
Thanks and regards"
Dan Murphy

Wanted to thank you for doing our inspection! We were very impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of your inspection and report. Very grateful we were referred to you.
Thanks again!"

Julie and Ryan Price

Thank you for the comprehensive report and for your diligent work while on site.  My family greatly appreciates your assistance! 
Christopher L. Hawthorne

Thank you Steve, boy that was really fast…. Nice job, very concise, easy to understand and the pictures tell the story.
Sally Naughton

Thanks Steve. Once again my clients were very impressed with your knowledge and thorough inspection.

Happy to recommend you!
Best Regards,
Ellen Berger
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

It was a pleasure meeting you today and thank you for a very thorough and professional report!"
Clint & Linda Davie

"Thanks for the inspection, Steve.  As always, it was very thorough.  Also,  thanks or the article.  Good info to know.  I appreciate it."
Ed Romero

"Hi Steve,
Thank you for the thorough inspection report we received. 
Have a very happy and safe New Year!"
~Lauren & Joe

"Thanks Steve. Appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism"
Norma Coursey, Ashley Premier Properties

"Thank you Stephen....Very thorough report and greatly appreciated."...By the way, Stephen, I thought I’d pass on some information. My husband is an architect and he’s dealt with many home inspections in his career. He read your report and said it was the most thorough inspection he has ever seen. He read it cover to cover and was extremely impressed. Thanks again,"
Debi Naccarto

It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. Your work and your report was unbelievably thorough and gives me a very good sense of how the house operates. I would probably never learn all that on my own."
Bob Mooney

"Hi Stephen,
Thank you for your work today.  Great inspection.  I will be referring you again for sure!...You were thorough, knowledgeable, patient, balanced, straight-forward, non-explosive.  All good.  :)  You took your time.  Thank you."
Laura E. Gayvert

Thank you for performing the inspection today. Your report is great. It has so much information and is very thorough. I'm sure I will be calling you again in the future to potentially perform a pre-settlement inspection.  Thanks again!
Maria Quinones

"Wow thank you this is very thorough.  It was a pleasure meeting such a professional."
Marie Cheeks

Very happy with report! PhD dissertation for sure.
Thanks again for fitting us in on short notice"
Roger Peebles

"Thanks Steve for taking good care of Trey and Melanie on this inspection"
Dave McCollough

It was a pleasure meeting you today.  I appreciate your thoroughness during the home inspection.  Looking forward to seeing the report.  Thanks again for your help."
Derek F. Dahlgren

Thank you for the report.  We had our dads review it as well for feedback and both of them, one as a realtor for 40 years and the other as the owner of a large GC in Salisbury, said they have never seen a better, more thorough report in all of their years.
Thanks again,"
Kate Dunsten

This is great - really detailed and a lot of good information. "
Eric M. Fiterman

"Mr. Showalter-
I hope this finds you well.  I really wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on my home inspection.  It was perfect.  Katie and I will be using that as our to do list for the next few months.  We are going to settlement next week!
My Aunt- Sharon Groves, was very happy that you were the one to do our inspection.  She also thinks very highly of you and your work."
Tyler Patton

"Thanks Steve. One of the best Inspection Reports I have seen. I’ll be sure to recommend you to others.
Dan O’Brien

"Steve, I enjoyed meeting you yesterday and I appreciate how thorough you were. It help give much a better understanding of how to take care of my new home."
Dawn Casterline

"Hi Steve,
Thanks again for a fantastic job today. We learned so much and are so glad you were our inspector for this home.
Thanks again. I've already recommended you to a friend!"
Best, Matt Grenier

"Got it, thank you Steve.  It was good meeting you and learning from you during the inspection yesterday. Now I know why people have so much respect for your evaluations and comments. I'd certainly recommend you as well.  I'll be in touch if I have questions,"
Candace Miller

"Hi Steve,
I appreciate all your help on our home sales that we have done this year. Our buyers have been very happy and very informed on their new homes."
Mark French, Champion Realty

"Very thorough inspection and loved the fact that an electronic version of the report was made available to us the same day as the inspection. Really felt like he was incredibly detail oriented and gave good advice about the issues that needed attention"
From  Redfin Client (link)

"Steve provided a comprehensive report complete with photos.
This not only provided a guideline for some minor repairs to be made prior to closing, it gave us a good outline on how to maintain our home and what to watch for as it ages.
We had true piece of mind when closing that the house was sound and a list of recommended service providers for any future issues."
From  Redfin Client (link)

"Steve, I was impressed with how fast you got this very detailed report back to us.  Thanks for your knowledge and work for us today."
Charlie and Cathy Bird

Thank you for sending me this thorough report.  I really appreciate all of the great work you have done for us."
Jason Stegmaier

Great job!  Thank you so much for the inspection, education and thorough report. The builder has agreed to fix almost everything that we discussed, and they are fixing everything that was a major concern to me.
Thanks again"

Jason Gmyrek

Thanks very much.
Great report by the way - I will be depending on it to guide the repairs we'll be doing.
George Samwell"

"Thanks again for your help today!  Really appreciate the time and thoroughness of the effort.  Seeing what we can do to make this happen. Thanks and have a great weekend."

Jason Wolf

Just wanted to say thank you for the Inspection Report, it was really thorough and my buyer was really happy.  I will definitely call you again.
Once again Thank you,"
Maria Giakoumakis

"Thank you for all your help on the inspection and for taking the time to answer all of our questions.
Jeanne Dodd"

"Hi Steve,
I just wanted to say “Thank you” again for the time you spent explaining all the intrinsic and extrinsic of my home inspection with me on Monday!  I really appreciate the detailed report as well!  I have  learned a lot  from my first home inspection experience!  I will be sure to refer you on to my friends and associates.
Have a great weekend!
Kind Regards,"

Jayme Brendle

"Steve -
Thank you for the detailed report and the knowledge you shared during the inspection yesterday.  The report is very detailed and I will certainly reach out with any questions.
thank you
Georgianna Crosby

"Hi Steve,
Thank you so much for your help yesterday. Joanne and I were absolutely impressed in our dealings with you; from the physical walk through to the report. The report format and detail is terrific and will be our guide for house improvements for years to come."
Darren and Joanne Crozier

"Thanks Steve. Man is this one thorough inspection. We can't thank you enough."
Tom and Paulette R.

I just wanted to say you are the man! I finally saw one of your home reports and I have seen thousands of others over the years. You blew them all away, it was through, detailed, informative. It was not boiler plate material designed to look impressive and still have no substance or helpful information. Many prospective home buyers choose their home inspector based on the agents recommendation. If they are smart they will choose an agent that has the professionalism to recommend Steve Showalter that would be a good acid test for finding the right agent. Once again awesome job Steve."
Alan Givens

"Hi Steve,
Yeah! Thanks for all your help this weekend. The report looks great.
Thanks, Jessie"
Jessica Pierce

"Steve, thank you again for the wonderful job you did with my home inspection. Walking the house with you was an incredibly informative and eye opening experience. The report you provided is so thorough, it's my "bible" for my (soon to be) new home! You have been such a pleasure to deal with - I am recommending you to anyone and everyone I know. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! "
Alli Holstrom

"Thanks for the great job you did for JJ! They were all impressed & grateful. "
Mieke Rockhill

"Thanks Stephen, I really appreciated the very thorough evaluation job you did on this property. I have a feeling had I used someone else the job would not have been as complete. "
Beverly Jones

Thanks for the prompt report on the radon test.
Also, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your detail and thoroughness on the home inspection. The report and photos are phenomenal and will be a great resource for correcting the various issues and maintaining the home."
Greg Masters

"Thank you for the report. I appreciate your thoroughness with the inspection as well as your advice."
Jennifer Jothen

"Hey thank you very much you were great Mrs Donna was right you are the BEST thank you so much:)"
Jessica Reyes

"It was great meeting you and learning from you. Thank you again."
Shervin Naderi

"Steve provides the most professional and comprehensive home inspection I've ever witnessed. I highly recommend his services!"
From Tina Cadden Jenkins

"Great Home inspections, He really knows his stuff!"

Christine Cunningham Joyce

"Steve, thank you such much today for a lesson in home owning and the technical overview. Looking forward to finished product review. It is nice to work with someone so professional as yourself. Thank you again, I hope it all works out!"

Robin Funk

"Thank you for doing our inspection on such short notice. Eric said he has never seen an inspection as thorough as what you performed and we were lucky to get you. Thank you again!"

Lisa & Eric Miller

"Steve is a founding father & innovator in the home inspection profession.Your buyer client's best interest are in the best hands with Steve."

Charles Kraus
Coldwell Banker

"Thanks so much for all your hard work. Great job. Lee"

Lee Hosea
Long and Foster

"Steve, just finished a review of your inspection report for our new home and wanted to convey my complete satisfaction and appreciation for the professional and thorough presentation of the results. I am frankly impressed at the level of detail you offer, your skilled eye for correct home construction and the value and importance of your service. I would be pleased to recommend your company should the need ever arise. Thank You. Larry"

Laurence W. Frye

"Thanks for another successful home inspection. Buyer is more confident in his purchase of this home."

Judith Buffington Neighoff
Long and Foster


Great job today!"
Mike Murray
Coldwell Banker

"Thanks for the thorough report!

I will keep you in mind if you are interested in traveling to Harford or Baltimore County again.

Amy Siler
Realtor®, Salesperson
Joan Ryder and Associates Real Estate, Inc."

"Thank you so much Steve and I look forward working with you in the future... Jeannette
Jeanette Lancaster, Champion Realty

"Thanks Steve. It turns out that one of my coworkers is interested in buying a house so I've given you a very strong recommendation and gave him one of your cards.
Dave D.

"Thanks Steve. I felt your inspection went above my expectations. I'm not sure if I'll get the opportunity to recommend you or not, but if that ever comes I'll definately give you a strong referral."

Thanks again for your help, Dave D.


Carrie & I very much appreciate your honest assessment on this home. We will be sure to use your inspection services on future homes and/or recommend you to friends who are house hunting.
Thanks again,"
Josh & Carrie

"I have to tell you how impressed I was with the home inspection report! Having the pictures takes away any doubt! I have told several of my agent friends about it - so somehow you have to get the word out on that! Thanks for everything....I look forward to many more inspections!
My best to you....always!"

Tina Marine
Coldwell Banker

"Thanks Steve.  I really appreciate the quality of your service and experience.  You make me look good to my clients and that really means a lot!"

Travis Gray
Coldwell Banker

"Great report Steve, thanks!"
Orion Walther

"Got it! Perfect. Thanks for another good inspection."
Kim OConnor Cadicamo, Associate Broker
Century 21 Associates

"Thank you Steve, report is easy to navigate and is very detailed.
See you on the next one :)"
Dori Savani
A Fresh Approach To Real Estate
Champion Realty

"Steve thank you very very much for the excellent inspection and's amazing!  I'm going to have it printed and bound and use it as our "bible"  ..."we were blown away when we read your resume/c.v.'re amazing and a thousand times better than Holmes from Holmes Inspections on HGTV, cause he gives me a stomach ache!" ...."thanks again..."
Dave and Melissa W.

"Hey Steve, thanks for your time today, the report was very thorough and very interesting."

Jane Tiani

Thank you for your thorough and timely report. My brother told me he was going to add you to his reference list!"
Ted Rose

"Thanks again, it was really a pleasure meeting you and your report is wonderfully thorough.
Best regards, Cara"
Cara Johnson

"Thanks Steve. You did a wonderful job today and Jack was very appreciative. Although, now that he has seen a truly professional inspection. Maybe the buyers will choose you on that side too!!!!!"
Marcie Rowett, Associate Broker Champion Realty Inc

"Thanks for the thorough job, Steve.............nicely done. "
Kevin Vasquez

"Thank you so much!!   What program did you use to create the report- I love how the pictures and arrows are able to be inserted.  How cool.  Once again- We really appreciate your time and attention to detail.
Thanks again; Jamie"
Jamie Dean

"Steve, I met with the seller's yesterday to get the paper work finalized. They are extremely impressed with your work and are very appreciative. They noted that when they bought the home, they had a home inspection, but it was not anywhere close to the thoroughness and quality of your inspection and advice. You are the man!"
Tyler Webb, Associate Broker Champion Realty Inc

"Thanks Steve, for a very thorough and professional Home Inspection yesterday. Even though the clients were disappointed with the results, they can now make a good decision about their future."
Judith Buffington Neighoff, Long & Foster

"Steve, It was great to meet you, too. Thanks for doing such a thorough job and answering all my questions."
Tracy Gifford

"Steve excels in an industry where that is uncommon. His is one of the few companies we would ever recommend to a client.
Jackie Webb , Champion Realty

"thank you for inspecting my was a great help."

Angelina Boado

Just wanted to say thanks again for the thorough inspection yesterday.  I appreciate your professionalism and expertise.

David Adkins

"Hi Steve,
You did a great job today and I will be calling you again in the future!
Thank you,"
Dori Savani
Champion Realty


"Thank you, Steve.  Good inspection. "
Kim OConnor, Associate Broker
Century 21/Associates

"Thank you Steve!! You were referred to me for a home inspection and I have to say it was a real pleasure working with you. I, as well as my clients were impressed with your professionalism, knowledge and the time you took to explain every detail about the home. I definitely will be referring my clients to you in the future!!
Janice Duty
Champion Realty, Inc.

"Thanks again for spending the time to do a thorough job and providing advice!  I would enthusiastically recomend you to anyone needing a home inspection."

R Jay Ugiansky


'Hi Steve,

Thanks for a great inspection today.


Travis Gray
Coldwell Banker

"Steve, good morning..  I created an account this morning, will you activate?  By the way, the preliminary pictures and information regarding our new home are wonderful..  Thanks."

Kevin Nollette

"Looks great Steve -thank you. I could see all of the photos just fine.

You're resume looks good - nice touch to add there for the other party to understand your level of expertise."

Tracy Bergman, Realtor®
Long and Foster Real Estate Inc


"Excellent report.  I'm pleased."
Bruce J. Valliant


Thank YOU - that was one of the most thorough Home Inspections I've attended."

Tina Cadden Jenkins, CRS
Champion Realty, Inc.


"btw, the Ponzio's thought you did a terrific job. They were very pleased w/ the report. Thanks for your help. "
Marcie Foster Rowett
 ,Champion Realty

"Steve Showalter has been doing home inspections for my clients for years and he is the very best at what he does! Infact, I always refer clients in need of a home inspection to Steve, or to inspectors trained by Steve. He's the best, the go to inspector that is always up to-date on the latest in technolgy and systems."
Service Category: Home Inspection
Year first hired: 1994 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

David Oliva ,Champion Realty


Hi Steve,

Thanks again for the thorough inspection of our potential new home!

Dawn B.

"We highly recommend Showalter Property Consultants as one of the premier home inspection companies in the country, offering buyers and sellers the highest level of professional home inspections services utilizing the latest in technology and information in the field."
Charles Kraus REALTOR/Associate Broker at Coldwell Banker Residential 

"Report looks nice, seems very easy to understand".

Wil Tolbert, The Peterson & Tolbert Team, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

"I LOVE your reports - so easy to understand and visual !!!"

Tracy Bergman, Realtor®, Long and Foster Real Estate Inc


Showalter Property Consultants has the experience of over 8,000 home inspections and is led by a home inspection industry leader and pioneer, Steve Showalter.  
Professionalism and in depth knowledge is combined with cutting edge systems and technology when Showalter Property Consultants is on the job.
Showalter Property Consultants – Our first call for inspection services!

Chalres Kraus, Coldwell Banker


"Great to have someone with your experience and integrity in the business."

Michael Baldwin, Baldwin Homes


"Steve, George and I just wanted to thank you for your help with our inspection/contract in St Michaels.  Unfortunately we had to cancel the contract because the buyers were unwilling to fix the problems in the crawlspace, and I was unwilling to buy the house without it being fixed!  Many times over the last two weeks, we thanked our lucky stars that we had such a great home inspection!  Thanks again."

Ruth D. , Client


"Steve, thanks for all you do. After taking your Home Inspection training couse back in 1998, following your rules for sucess and being my mentor over the years, I have become one of Southern Californias most sucessful inspection companies. It's been truely more than I ever dreamed of."

Rick Yerger, Building Specs Southern CA


"Hi Steve, Okay, I am now registered & printed the summary. Thanks again for another great home inspection. I appreciate your expertise and's good to be working with you again.
Donna Turing, Champion Realty


Hi Steve.  Thanks for another good inspection. 
Kim OConnor, Associate Broker C-21