Radon Testing

recon2Radon Testing Maryland


  • We utilize the state of the art Rad Elec Recon Continuous Radon Monitors.
  •  For Short or Long term Testing offer extremely accurate testing. The tests are left for 48 hours and once we pick up the test we will have the results the same day as we have all of the testing equipment in house.
  • Long term Radon Test we usually leave for 60-90 to offer a more accurate view of the conditions in the property over a longer period of time as the radon gas can vary throughout the year.
    Rad Elec Recon
    Ā®Continuous Radon Monitor Technical Specifications
    Uses two independent photodiodes (each enclosed in an electrically
    conductive chamber). Alpha particles from radon decay are detected by
    these photodiodes.
    Combined sensitivity of approximately 13.5 counts per hour per pCi/L.
  • EPA Radon Video EPA Video on Radon (link)
  • Radon Levels for Maryland  md-radon.info (link)




  • According to the EPA all homes in the US should be tested.
  • Not only houses with basements should be tested, a house on a slab can be just as much at risk as well as some houses on a crawslapce.
  • According to the EPA radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.